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S-100 Laser Screed

JAG's Somero S-100 Laser Screed offers Laser Screed technology for industrial projects, commercial work and residential jobs. The 8-foot wide screeding head is mounted on a 12-foot telescoping boom producing 100 square feet of Laser Screeded concrete per pass.

The S-100 can easily handle low slump concrete, larger aggregate mixes, and fibrous concrete.

We can put the S-100 to work on jobs as small as 1,000 square feet to projects of 60,000 square feet or larger. The 8-foot screed head easily works around obstacles and the compact size provides exceptional maneuverability.

Our S-100 is very easily transported to the job site.

Our S-100 is capable of few interesting applications:

* freezer floor screeding
* tilt-up panel strike off
* strip mall slabs
* paving concrete driveways with the Somero 3-D Profiler System.

S-9210 "Copperhead" Laser Screed

Our walk behind Laser Screed is for grade and above grade flatwork. This precision equipment adds laser-controlled accuracy, productivity and cost-efficiency to JAG's pours that are above grade. This screed rounds out our fleet and enables us to utilize the unparalleled accuracy of laser controlled placements on virtually all slab applications